New poll shows public concern on income gap

A new poll is highlighting the issue of the nation’s growing income divide.

A Washington Post-ABC News poll has found that a growing gap between rich and poor in the country concerns more than six in 10 Americans and nearly the same number want the federal government to do something about it.

Americans are divided along party lines on the issue: Most Republicans oppose government action to narrow income inequality while Democrats and independents largely favor government intervention, according to the poll.

Support for government action is highest among the poorest – with 75 percent of those earning less than $20,000 a year supporting government action to decrease income inequality, the poll found.


The poll also found that nearly 75 percent of Occupy Wall Street supporters believe the income gap has grown larger, and almost eight in 10 in want the federal government to help narrow the gap. More than half of Tea Party backers believe there is a growing divide, but fewer than half say the government should act to lessen the gap.

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