Former Cape Cod Healthcare chief executive disciplined

Dr. Richard F. Salluzzo, the former head of Cape Cod Healthcare, was disciplined by the state Board of Registration in Medicine today for inappropriately prescribing medications.

According to board documents, Salluzzo, 61, wrote prescriptions for family members who were not his patients and without keeping medical records. In one case, he wrote four prescriptions for Valium for an employee he supervised, two of which the employee filled and then gave to Salluzzo for his personal use.

Salluzzo, who graduated from Tufts Medical School in 1978, became chief executive of the hospital network in July 2008. He left abruptly in November 2010. In an interview then with the Cape Cod Times, Salluzzo said only that he was “leaving to pursue other career opportunities.’’


The board reprimanded Salluzzo and fined him $3,000.

His attorney, W. Scott Liebert of Newton, said many doctors write prescriptions “without following all the technical guidelines.’’ He pointed out that the board is not monitoring Salluzzo going forward, indicating that it did not find evidence of substance abuse.

Cape Cod Healthcare released a written statement saying that “no complaint was ever reported or filed by any patients or physicians here regarding the quality of the clinical care provided by Dr. Salluzzo.’’

The statement said that Salluzzo improved the organization’s finances and relationship with physicians, but hinted at disagreement with the board. Salluzzo favored consolidation, it said, while the board wanted the health system to remain independent.

The medical board also disciplined Dr. Bruce P. Levy, 51, a pathologist, who was previously disciplined by the medical board in Tennessee, where he is also licensed, for being in possession of marijuana. The Massachusetts board put him on probation for five years, requiring he attend “individual and group therapy to address his addiction,’’ among other measures.

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