Man charged in Christmas Eve robbery attempt in Lowell

A man was arrested on Christmas Eve after attempting to rob a Market Basket supermarket in Lowell, police said.

The man’s identity has not yet been released, and he is facing charges of armed robbery, said Lowell Police Captain Thomas Kennedy.

Around 4 p.m., the suspect approached the courtesy counter at the 11 Wood St. store and told the teller he would blow the store up if they didn’t give him the money behind the counter, Kennedy said. He was wearing sunglasses, a fleece hat, and gloves, officials said.

The tellers complied, and the suspect tried to leave the store when he was confronted by two store managers. The store managers were able to restrain the man until police arrived.


Police did not recover any weapons from the suspect, Kennedy said.

“These incidents do take place from time to time in the city and around the country, in general,’’ Kennedy said. “They are more prevalent around the holiday season for obvious reasons.’’

A manager at the grocery store declined to comment.

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