Kitty kidnapper strikes on Christmas Eve; $500 reward offered for return

The missing Speckles
The missing Speckles –Lee Horton

A Kingston adoption center is offering a $500 reward for the safe return of “Speckles,’’ a kitten kidnapped on Christmas Eve, the center director said.

The cat was taken between volunteer shifts at the center, between noon and 2:30, said Gayle Fitzpatrick, director of Friends of the Plymouth Pound, which runs the adoption center at Independence Mall.

“I can’t even think the way these people must think,’’ Fitzpatrick said. “I can’t even fathom it.’’

The door was locked after the noon shift left, so the thief must have been hiding inside until volunteers left, Fitzpatrick ventured.

Witnesses later told volunteers that they saw a teenage boy inside the center at about 2:15 p.m., wearing a volunteer T-shirt. The boy left through the back door when he saw people looking at him, according to the witnesses, Fitzpatrick said.


Fitzpatrick contacted police Monday about the incident.

Speckles and two other kittens were found by Fitzpatrick’s husband at a Dorchester construction site, where they were starving, she said. Tests later revealed that Speckles had worms and needed surgery.

Speckles is a short-haired, striped kitten, with a patch of fur missing at the back of his neck that he got from roughhousing with the other cats, she said.

The Friends of the Plymouth Pound is a small, community-run organization that cares for relatively few animals.

“We know every single one of our animals,’’ Fitzpatrick said. “So everyone is pretty devastated right now.’’

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