Patriot players’ kids get hearing protection gear from Mass Eye and Ear

If you’re watching the Superbowl on Sunday night, take a close look when the camera pans to the players’ wives section. You might see Tom Brady’s sons sitting next to Gisele wearing earmuff-style hearing protection devices emblazoned with a Mass Eye and Ear sticker.

[fragment number=0]That’s because a pediatrician — who sees about 20 children of Patriots players’ –contacted Mass Eye and Ear pediatric otolaryngologist Dr. Michael Cohen last week, asking for information on protecting the kids’ hearing on the day of the big game. Cohen was happy to oblige and sent out 24 sets of Peltor earmuffs designed for kids (retail price $15 to $20).


He figured a bit of free advertising for his institution wouldn’t hurt — hence the stickers.

Cohen told me anyone lucky enough to attend the Superbowl should think about wearing some sort of hearing protection device, like earplugs, especially during the fireworks display, Blue Angels jet flyover, or halftime show where decibel levels could reach above 120.

Exposure to that level of noise for any significant length of time, he said, could cause permanent hearing damage. And even the decibel level of 90 to 100 during the three or four hours of regular play at the Superbowl — which tends to be louder than most football games — can be high enough for a long enough duration to cause hearing loss.

“The earmuffs I provided can reduce the level by 22 decibels,’’ he said, enough to allow the tikes to shimmy to Madonna while still protecting their ears.


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