Ron Paul will press on despite Maine disappointment

Texas Representative Ron Paul on Sunday admitted to being “a bit disappointed’’ that he did not win the Maine caucuses, but said he will continue to work to accumulate delegates.

According to Maine results announced Saturday night, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney won with 39 percent of the vote, followed by Paul with 35 percent. Paul had been focusing his attention on smaller, caucus states, and was hoping to get his first win in Maine.

Paul, on CBS’s Face the Nation, noted that the other campaigns have gone up and down. With changing political, economic, and foreign events, he said, “This whole ball game can change rather rapidly.’’


But Paul declined to single out Romney, the man who beat him, for criticism. Asked by CBS’s Bob Schieffer why Romney is having trouble convincing people that he is a conservative, Paul responded, “I think if it comes to (former House Speaker Newt) Gingrich or (former Pennsylvania Senator) Santorum, they should suffer the same consequences.’’

He said Gingrich’s and Santorum’s records are “far from being conservative,’’ and none of the candidates have “firm convictions.’’ Asked again about Romney, Paul responded, “He’s every bit as conservative as any of the other two.’’

Paul said none of the candidates besides him is talking about changes in foreign policy, monetary policy, or significant spending cuts, and the only differences between the other three are “management style.’’

Asked if he thinks Romney can beat President Obama, Paul said yes.

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