Actress Lisa Edelstein: Switched at birth in Boston?

A glimpse of Lisa Edelstein’s PETA ad. You can see the rest of it at (Jack Guy for PETA)

Actress Lisa Edelstein, best known for her many years on Fox’s medical drama “House,’’ isn’t really from Boston even though she was born here. She was raised in New Jersey and spent years in New York — but she tells us that one of the most important moments in her early life did happen here the Hub. “I was switched at birth,’’ she revealed to us by phone on Monday. Edelstein was born at the Lying-In Hospital, which eventually became Boston Hospital for Women and then Brigham and Women’s. Edelstein said that shortly after she was born, she was given the wrong wrist band and was presented to the wrong family. Thankfully, her parents noticed that their five-pound baby had suddenly grown to be much larger. Edelstein’s mom wound up pushing the hospital and the parents of the other baby to figure out where the kids belonged. “My mother jokes that I was almost the Queen of England,’’ Edelstein told us, laughing. Edelstein left “House’’ last season and confirmed to us that she won’t be returning to the show for any of its final episodes (the series ends for good on May 21). Her latest projects include an arc on “The Good Wife’’ and an ad for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals that features her posing naked on a bed of kale to promote vegetarianism. Edelstein, who’s been a vegetarian for decades, said she didn’t mind lying on kale but that the AstroTurf underneath the vegetable during the photoshoot didn’t feel so great. Turns out, she’s allergic to the synthetic material. “When I got up, all of the AstroTurf marks had turned into hives.’’



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