Children’s Hospital takes a new name – sort of

As part of an effort to better define its marketing strategy, Children’s Hospital Boston has decided to change its name. From here on out, it will officially be called — drum roll, please — Boston Children’s Hospital.

Isn’t that what most people call it anyway? Yes, said Margaret Coughlin, chief of marketing and communications.

“It’s already in the lexicon,’’ she said.

The hospital first discussed making the name official about two years ago, though the roll-out has just begun in the past couple of months, she said. The change emphasizes the hospital’s link to the city.

“Boston, to me, absolutely represents exactly what this place is all about,’’ Coughlin said. It is steeped in tradition yet a center for advanced science, a “health care mecca.’’


The change will be made slowly. The hospital website, where you’ll see both names, may be updated during a future redesign, Coughlin said. The official Facebook page, however, has the new name and a couple of confused followers have taken note.

Coughlin said business cards will be changed as people order more. And signs, including those at the entrance to the hospital campus, will be changed only as they need replacing.

“We’re not going to be running around slapping new signs on things, because that’s just irresponsible in this cost control era,’’ she said.

Coughlin said she didn’t know if the hospital had ever officially been called “Boston Children’s Hospital,’’ but the name certainly is used often. One reporter here remembers when the hospital made a push, about eight years ago, to have “Children’s’’ come first in print, an effort to give the hospital more national appeal.

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