Donations to Mitt Romney super PAC dip in April, still triple gifts to group backing President Obama

Even in a down month, the primary super PAC supporting Mitt Romney almost tripled the fund-raising total of the one backing President Obama.

Restore Our Future received $4.6 million in contributions during the month of April, according to a report filed Sunday with the Federal Election Commission. The super PAC’s haul was its worst this year, down from $8.7 million in March but still easily outstripped the $1.6 million raised by Priorities USA Action. The pro-Obama super PAC raised $2.4 million in March.

Restore Our Future now has $8.2 million cash on hand, even after spending $1.7 million in April on advertising. Most of the spending, $1.2 million, was devoted to pro-Romney ads for the primaries of Rhode Island, New York, and especially Pennsylvania, the FEC filing showed. The rest targeted Rick Santorum, Romney’s former primary opponent who dropped out of the race April 10.


The largest gift to Restore Our Future was $1 million from John B. Kleinheinz, a Texas hedge fund manager who has been a generous Republican donor — $1.8 million since 2000 — but had never given to a super PAC. Politico reported Sunday that seven years ago, Kleinheinz commandeered the rented SUV of a photographer he accused of trespassing, steered the vehicle toward a pond and jumped out just before it hit the water.

Four other donors gave $250,000 apiece and six made $100,000 contributions to Restore Our Future. Combined with Kleinheinz, those 11 donors exceeded the total gifts to Priorities USA Action by $1 million.

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