2 Transit Police officers pull accident victims from car after rollover in O’Neill tunnel

A young girl and her father are recovering today after two MBTA Transit Police officers rescued them from their car, which flipped over in the Thomas P. O’Neill tunnel Wednesday afternoon, police said.

At about 2 p.m., the officers were driving on Interstate 93 North before the Tobin Bridge exit, heading to Woburn to serve warrants.

Detective Patrick Guilfoy and Officer Elizabeth Dumas were behind a blue 2002 Kia in the left lane.

The Kia suddenly shot forward, Guilfoy said, and the driver lost control. It smashed into the wall of the tunnel, spun around, and landed on its roof, leaving the occupants trapped.


With the help of another motorist who had seen the crash, Guilfoy used a crowbar to break the windows of the vehicle and free the occupants.

“They were conscious and they were shaking,’’ he said. “They were in shock.’’

Guilfoy said he had to cut the young girl out of the seat belt, which had become wrapped around her neck. She was in the back seat.

Both the girl and her father were transported to a local hospital for treatment. State Police said their injuries were minor.

Guilfoy said once they got the victims out of the car, traffic was the next problem.

“We had two lanes shut down. It was pretty chaotic,’’ he said. Thankfully, emergency crews were able to get through to the scene, Guilfoy said.

State Police said the driver was issued a ticket for the crash.

Transit Police Deputy Chief Lewis Best said the quick-thinking officers made all the difference for the victims and commended them for their efforts.

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