Cape Cod black bear sightings continue; furry visitor now spotted in Brewster

Cape Cod’s highest-profile vacationer seems to be on the move once again. The peripatetic black bear that has been spotted in numerous Cape towns since Sunday evening has popped up again, this time in Brewster, police said.

“We have had several credible reports this morning of a sighting of a black bear,’’ said Brewster Police Lieutenant Heath Eldredge.

The first sighting today was near Red Top Road around 9 a.m., Eldredge said. A short time later, the bear was observed near Stony Brook Road and Herrin Brook Lane, he said.

“It was just passing through yards and neighborhoods,’’ Eldredge said. “Officers are now in the area working with environmental police to try to locate the animal. We don’t have any plans to remove it, but we’re deferring to environmental police.’’


On Wednesday afternoon, residents in Dennis saw the bear ambling through the Cranberry Knoll Condominium complex on Route 6A, according to Dennis police. The bear was later seen near Billingsgate Road around 2:40 p.m.

Earlier Wednesday, Yarmouth police responded to a string of sightings along Route 6A East. The bear was not located, but officials said it appeared that the bear was heading toward Dennis.

In the last week, the black bear, which is thought to be the same bear that frequented much of Southeastern Massachusetts last summer, has been spotted at least 14 times, according to the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife.

For now, state wildlife officials plan to monitor the bear’s movements and have said they would not remove the bear from the area unless it poses a threat to public safety.

“If the opportunity presents itself where he is in a congested area or near a roadway and we could safely tranquilize him, we might do that and then relocate him to what we would consider his more natural home,’’ Jason Zimmer, the southeast district manager for the state Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, said this week.

The wandering animal was first sighted on the Cape Sunday night off Route 6A in Barnstable, according to Barnstable police. The bear was strolling along behind houses near the woods, but did not approach any people, Officer James Melia told the Globe Sunday.


He said the sighting was rare for Cape Cod, as bears are not indigenous to the area.

The bear most likely swam across the Cape Cod Canal, a feat that would be fairly easy for a bear if the tide were mostly flat, state wildlife officials have said.

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