Seven arrested at Brockton High School graduation

Seven men were arrested after three fights broke out at the Brockton High School graduation ceremony Friday, police said.

Police are investigating what sparked the fights, but believe they were gang-related, Brockton said Police Lieutenant William Hallisey.

None of the people arrested were graduating, Hallisey said. The ceremony, held in the school’s football field at 470 Forest Ave., was open to the public.

The first fight broke out at 7:20 p.m. in a corner of the field as school administrators, unfazed, continued calling the names of the graduates, Hallisey said.

“They didn’t miss a beat, they just kept naming the names,’’ Hallisey said.


Police arrested Anthony Carvalho, 19, Luis Resende, 20, Rayshawn Dacruz, 17, and Shane Simms, 18, all of Brockton on several charges including disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace. Simms was also charged with resisting arrest.

Officers found two folding knives on the ground, but could not connect them to any of the people arrested, Hallisey said.

A bystander uploaded a video of the fight onto YouTube, and it will likely be used in court, Hallisey said.

After the second fight, which started near the fie ld at 7:54 p.m., police arrested Shaquil Wilkie, 19, Joseph Vanrader, 18, and Demetric McNeil, 17, all of Brockton, on several charges including disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace

Police broke up a third fight, Hallisey said, but did not make any arrests.

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