Mitt Romney outraised President Obama in May

In his second month as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney outraised President Obama by almost 30 percent, raking in $76.8 million in May.

The money will be shared among the Romney campaign and affiliated GOP committees. The Obama campaign will split a $60 million haul with Democratic committees. Both campaigns announced their totals on Twitter Thursday morning, ahead of the June 20 Federal Election Commission filing deadline.

Romney’s May total is almost double the $40.1 million he raised in April, when he came within $3.5 million of matching Obama.

And the former Massachusetts governor is off to a torrid start in June. He has already raised a reported $15 million in Texas during the early days of the month.


Obama raised the same amount at a May fund-raiser at the home of actor George Clooney. He also has been busy this month; he attended a trio of high-dollar fund-raisers with former President Bill Clinton in New York on Monday and another three in California on Wednesday.

The Obama campaign reported 147,000 first-time donors, bringing the total number of campaign contributors to 2.2 million.

It continued to emphasize the modesty of its donations, saying 98 percent were less than $250 and that the average gift was $54.94. The Romney campaign said 93 percent of its contrubutions were $250 or less.

The statistics from both camps are slightly misleading because they do not account for contributors who split their donations into installments; the gifts of a donor who has contributed $100 in each of the last 10 months are included in the Obama campaign’s 98 percent figure and the Romney campaign’s 93, even though the donor is a $1,000 contributor.

But Obama appears to have more grassroots support than Romney. The Globe reported Thursday that, through April, 43 percent of Obama donors have made total contributions of $200 or less, compared to 10 percent of Romney donors.

Sixty-two percent of Romney contributors have given the $2,500 maximum, compared to 16 percent of Obama contributors.

The figures were based on an analysis by the nonpartisan Campaign Finance Institute and did not include the May totals released Thursday.


Both Obama and Romney have formed joint fund-raising committees that can collect as much as $75,800 from a single donor. The first $5,000 goes to the candidate’s campaign, the next $30,800 to the national party committee and the remainder to other partner committees, often the party committees in swing states.

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