Black bear reported along Route 109 in Dedham

State Environmental Police investigated reports of a black bear in the woods along Route 109 in Dedham Sunday morning, officials said.

The bear was spotted around 9 a.m., said Reginald Zimmerman, spokesman for the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.

Officers did not locate the bear, and Zimmerman said it has likely moved on.

“We will continue to monitor the situation through phone calls and sightings,’’ he said.

Zimmerman said that black bear sightings in suburban areas have become more common.

“We’re starting to see more sightings than usual in areas we usually wouldn’t expect them,’’ he said.


Earlier this month a black bear was spotted wandering on Cape Cod on several occasions. The bear eventually reached Provincetown and was eventually tranquilized and captured in Wellfleet, and relocated to the central part of the state.

While black bears are normally timid, Zimmerman said residents should take precaution by covering their trash and taking down their bird feeders.

“We always tell people, whenever you’re dealing with wildlife, keep your distance,’’ Zimmerman said.

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