Man gets head stuck in door during alleged break-in attempt

A homeless man is facing charges of breaking and entering after he was found this morning with his head stuck under a garage door at the Brockton Rent-A-Center, police said.

Manuel Fernandes, 54, told police that he was stuck for about nine hours at the business located on Crescent Street.

Police said Fernandes was transported to Brockton Hospital because of a minor injury on the back of his head.

Fernandes had used the metal piece of a bedframe to prop up the overhead door, police said, but it didn’t work well enough.

Fernandes was charged with breaking and entering and property damage.


A Rent-A-Center employee found the man this morning when he went into work. The employee snapped a few photos of the culprit and called police shortly before 9 a.m.

Rent-A-Center employees did not immediately return calls for comment.

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