Chatham’s Richard Costello wins virtual Hemingway look-alike contest

Richard Costello poses in his restaurant in Chatham Monday, July 2, after learning he had won a Facebook-based Virtual "Papa" Hemingway Look-Alike Contest. (AP Photo/Florida Keys News Bureau, Amy Tagliaferri)

Richard Costello, who runs the Chatham Squire, not only looks a bit like Ernest Hemingway, he also loves Ernest Hemingway. Costello even went to Cuba last fall and then began growing out his beard. So it’s fitting that Costello won an online Hemingway look-alike competition that will bring him to Key West, Florida for the 2012 Hemingway Days celebration, which begins on July 17. As winner of the Virtual “Papa’’ Hemingway Look-Alike Contest, Costello will compete during in an in-person “Papa’’ Hemingway Look-Alike Contest. His co-workers, who found out yesterday about Costello’s big win, wish him all the best. “He’s always idolized Hemingway,’’ said Richard Sullivan, GM at the Squire. “We’re really happy for him.’’

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