American Girl to feature bald doll for kids with cancer

New bald American Girl doll —American Girl

A few months after Mattel announced that they would be creating a bald Barbie, American Girl decided to come out with its own bald doll for kids with cancer, alopecia, and other conditions that might cause hair loss. The company announced on its Facebook page last week that it would now be accepting special orders for a bald doll by calling 1-800-628-5145. It was also planning to donate bald dolls to the Children’s Hospital Association for distribution to young patients at places like Boston Children’s.

Both Mattel and American Girl have received numerous requests for bald dolls from parents of children dealing with hair loss from medical conditions. Some even launched social media campaigns garnering thousands of signatures on online petitions.


Those who already own a pricey American Girl doll can mail it to the “doll hospital’’ to have the original head replaced with one without hair for a $44 fee plus shipping. The bald dolls come in five different skin tones.

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