Elizabeth Warren, in new TV ad, calls for more infrastructure investments

Elizabeth Warren, surrounded by workers in battered hard hats and fluorescent vests, argues in a new television ad released today that America should follow China’s lead and invest more in its crumbling roads and bridges.

“Why aren’t we rebuilding America?’’ Warren, a Democrat who is challenging Senator Scott Brown, says in the spot. “Our competitors are putting people to work, building a future. China invests 9 percent of its GDP in infrastructure America? We’re at just 2.4 percent.’’

“We can do better,’’ Warren adds. “We can build a foundation for a strong new economy and get people in Massachusetts to work right now.’’


The ad is part of Warren’s effort to promote her “Rebuild Now’’ plan, which calls for, among other things, a national infrastructure bank and wider access to high-speed Internet service.

The spot is also designed to appeal to blue-collar voters, a key constituency that Brown, a Republican, is courting with a new ad he released today.

Brown’s ad features Raymond L. Flynn, the former Democratic mayor of Boston, who has also endorsed Mitt Romney for president, praising Brown as an honest, hardworking “regular guy.’’

“I’m a Democrat but I’m tired of all the polarization, the pettiness, the bickering,’’ Flynn, seated in the living room of his South Boston home, says in the ad. “Scott Brown is a person that you can work with.’’

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