In near-miss, tree falls onto Wilmington home

Paul Palizzolo was in his living room Sunday watching television when he heard a loud thud.

A storm had been raging outside in Wilmington, with high winds and rain, and Palizzolo’s wife, Elaine, asked if the noise was thunder.

“I said, ‘No, we have a tree that hit the house,’ ’’ Paul said.

In fact, the tree was in his home.

One branch that Paul estimated to be four inches in diameter and about six feet in length, stuck into the couple’s bedroom. The tree limb landed in the space between the Palizzolos’ bed and a dresser. If they had been in the bedroom, Palizzolo thinks, he and his wife might have been severely injured.


All told, about three to four trees around the Palizzolo split-level home were damaged in the storm, Paul said Monday in a telephone interview. The tree that caused the thud landed on the back of the house, puncturing the roof in six to seven places, he said. Another tree sideswiped the Safford Street home.

The Palizzolos hired a crane operator to remove the tree on top of their house last night. They placed tarps over the holes in the roof. Crews returned today to perform further cleanup, Paul said.

Though there are new holes in the treeline around his home, Palizzolo said that is a relatively small problem.

“I’m just happy no one was hurt,’’ he said. “If we have to plant a tree, we can plant a tree, but I can’t plant a life.’’

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