Olympic TV listings

TV highlights

Live events in bold; P medal eventMORNINGTIMETVField hockey (W): US-South Africa5:45 a.m.NBCSNBasketball (M): Tunisia-Lithuania6:15 a.m.Olympic BasketballBasketball (M): Australia-Russia8 a.m.Olympic BasketballBoxing (W)8:15 a.m.NBCSNWater polo (M): Romania-Serbia9 a.m.MSNBCBasketball (M): France-Nigeria9:30 a.m.Olympic BasketballVolleyball (M): Italy-Bulgaria9:45 a.m.NBCSNTrack and field (MW)10 a.m.Ch. 7Table tennis (W)10:30 a.m.MSNBCWater polo (M): US-Hungary10:30 a.m.Ch. 7Wrestling (M)11:15 a.m.MSNBCCanoe/kayak (MW)11:30 a.m.Ch. 7Shooting (M) P11:30 a.m.NBCSNBasketball (M): Great Britain-China11:45 a.m.Olympic BasketballAFTERNOONEquestrianPNoonCh. 7Soccer (W): France-JapanNoonNBCSN, Oly. SoccerTable tennis (W)12:15 p.m.MSNBCSynchronized swimming12:45 p.m.Ch. 7Beach volleyball (M)1 p.m.MSNBCTrack and field (MW)1:15 p.m.Ch. 7Boxing (W)1:45 p.m.NBCSNCanoe/kayak (MW)1:45 p.m.Ch. 7Shooting (M) P2 p.m.MSNBCBeach volleyball (M)2 p.m.Ch. 7Soccer (W): Canada-US2:15 p.m.NBCSN, Oly. SoccerWrestling (M) P2:30 p.m.MSNBCBasketball (M): Spain-Brazil3 p.m.MSNBC, Oly. Basket.Synchronized swimming3 p.m.Ch. 7Cycling (W)4:15 p.m.Ch. 7Track and field (MW)4:30 p.m.Ch. 7Weightlifting (M) P4:45 p.m.NBCSNBoxing (M)5 p.m.CNBCBasketball (M): Argentina-US5:15 p.m.NBCSN, Oly. Basket.EVENING/EARLY MORNINGTrack (MW) P, gymnastics (MW) P, 8 p.m.-mid.Ch. 7cycling (M) P, beach vol. (M), diving (M)Track and field (W) P, cycling (W)12:35 a.m.Ch. 7Boxing (MW)3 a.m.CNBCField hockey (M): South Korea-Netherlands4 a.m.NBCSN

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