Hockey player Corey Trivino admits to assaulting woman at Boston University dorm

Former Boston University hockey player Corey Trivino is encouraged by his father, Hugo, in Brighton Municipal Court today where he admitted physically assaulting a female BU student last December.
Former Boston University hockey player Corey Trivino is encouraged by his father, Hugo, in Brighton Municipal Court today where he admitted physically assaulting a female BU student last December. –By Joshua Reynolds for The Boston Globe

Corey N. Trivino, the one-time top scorer for Boston University’s hockey team, pleaded guilty today to assault and battery charges as the woman he terrorized inside her dormitory room in December told him he had changed her life — for the worse.

Trivino was sentenced by Brighton Municipal Court Judge Patricia Bernstein to two years of probation during which he must be tested randomly for alcohol use, attend weekly Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, receive a mental health evaluation, and have no contact with the victim.

During a one-hour hearing,

the 22-year-old Trivino admitted confronting the victim, who was a resident assistant in the BU dorm on Buick Street, when she tried to enforce quiet time on her floor on Dec. 11.


Suffolk Assistant District Attorney Gloriann Moroney said that when the 23-year-old woman went to the noisy room, a drunken Trivino answered the door. According to Moroney and a Boston University police report filed in court, Trivino then followed the woman back to her room.

He then repeatedly tried to force himself on the woman, and at one point lay down on her bed and proclaimed he was going to sleep there.

According to his profile at the BU hockey webpage from last season, Trivino is 6-foot-1 and weighs about 190 pounds.

The woman told Trivino to go back to his room “but Mr. Trivino started kissing her…and groping her breast area,’’ police said in the report. The woman ordered Trivino to stop and to leave her room, police said.

Trivino did leave but returned moments later and started banging on the woman’s door. The woman “opened the door slightly and again Mr. Trivino pushed the door open and tried to kiss her [but] she managed to push him away,’’ police wrote in the report.

The woman told Trivino that “you need to stop’’ and “you need to go,’’ police wrote. But Trivino instead cornered her by the desk in her room and continued to kiss her even as she pushed him away from her and out of the room.


But Trivino returned again and after once again banging on the door, forced his way inside, police said. “Mr. Trivino pushes his way in and grabs her arms and pushes her toward her desk and starts kissing her,’’ police wrote. She said he was “holding her arms very tight’’ and then broke off the unwanted embrace.

Police described what Trivino did next.

“Mr. Trivino sits on her bed and said that he was going to sleep here tonight,’’ police wrote. “Mr. Trivino then takes off his shoes and lays down on her bed.’’

The woman contacted a BU official who told her to call BU police. At that point, Trivino left the woman’s room and got onto an elevator in the high-rise dormitory. Inside the elevator were two BU Police officers — coming to investigate the disturbance Trivino created.

“A very intoxicated male got on the elevator with us,’’ police wrote. “This male identified himself as Corey Trivino’’ and said that he was a resident of the building.

When officers asked which room was his, he told them 1514, which, in fact, was the room occupied by the woman at the time.

In court today, the woman, who is now a graduate student, delivered a victim impact statement and spoke directly to Trivino, who came to court in a suit and accompanied by his parents.

“This experience has affected every ounce of my being,’’ she said.

Trivino apologized to the woman in court.

“I’m sorry for everything she had to go through because of me that night,’’ he said. “I’m really and truly sorry for what happened.’’


While on probation, Trivino is required to remain drug- and alcohol-free. He is slated to attend an NHL camp later this year and would then fall under the NHL drug and alcohol testing rules. Trivino was drafted by the New York Islanders in 2008. Under the terms of his probation, Trivino is required to share the results of drug testing with his probation officer.

Trivino was kicked off the BU hockey team after his arrest.

Trivino’s arrest and the later arrest in Feburary of then-BU hockey player Max Nicastro on rape charges led to an inquiry into the BU hockey program by top administrators at the Commonwealth Avenue school.

In June, Suffolk prosecutors ended the case against Nicastro writing in court papers that “the Commonwealth has concluded that the evidence will not permit the Commonwealth to meet its burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt at trial.’’