Matthew Perry’s ‘Go On’ takes on Boston sports

Boston sports fans who watched Tuesday night’s sneak peek of the new Matthew Perry sitcom, “Go On,’’ probably noticed a trend. On the show, Perry, of “Friends’’ fame, plays sports radio talk host Ryan King, who in one segment listens to himself interviewing Kevin Garnett, wears a Bruins T-shirt in another, and delivers a monologue that ends with him saying, of our Red Sox, “by 2004 they figured it out. They didn’t need to wallow, they needed to hire Theo Epstein, take a bunch of steroids, and win.’’ We caught up with Perry (inset) recently at the Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills to ask him about all the Hub sports talk. “I’m a Boston fan because of my dad and my grandfather — and I was born in Massachusetts,’’ said Perry, who was born in Williamstown and grew up in Ottawa. “But I’m a much bigger LA Kings fan. You know, the Stanley Cup champions.’’ When it was pointed out to him that the Bruins were also recently in possession of said Cup, Perry lit up. He said, “I know, two years in a row, two of my favorite teams! I like the Ottawa Senators, LA Kings, and the Boston Bruins. But [‘Go On’ executive producer] Scott Silveri is a New York guy, so he likes the Yankees and he’s going to end up winning that battle I’m sure.’’ When the line about the Red Sox was brought up, Perry grimaced and said, “Yeah, that was hard for me to say.’’ “Go On’’ debuts in its regular time slot at 9 p.m. on Sept. 11.

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