Joseph Finder visits set of ‘Paranoia’ in Philadelphia

“Paranoia’’ author Joseph Finder sounds upbeat about the movie currently being made of his book. With his daughter Emma, the Back Bay author paid a visit this week to the film set in Philadelphia and pronounced himself impressed with the cast, especially actress Amber Heard. “She’s a very smart girl,’’ Finder told us Wednesday. “She’s well-versed in philosophy, in Wittgenstein, in dystopian literature.’’ If he sounds surprised, that’s because he is. “Listen, it’s unusual,’’ said Finder, who majored in Russian studies at Yale and got a master’s degree at Harvard. “A lot of these [actors] don’t go to college. They just start working.’’ A corporate thriller, “Paranoia’’ stars Liam Hemsworth — that’d be Miley Cyrus’s boyfriend — as a blue-collar kid who becomes a spy. “He has a very good American accent,’’ Finder said of the Aussie Hemsworth. “I was a little worried about that.’’ The impressive cast also includes Gary Oldman, Harrison Ford, Richard Dreyfuss, and Lucas Till (who may be best known for being in the video for Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me.’’) “My daughter really wanted to meet Lucas,’’ said Finder. The last time one of his novels was turned into a movie — 2002’s “High Crimes’’ starring Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman — the author was an extra in several courtroom scenes. Will he be on camera this time? “I’m hoping,’’ he said. “But it hasn’t happened yet.’’

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