Christy Mihos planning tell-all book about Big Dig, Mitt Romney, and personal troubles

Former Massachusetts Turnpike Authority board member Christy Mihos is planning to release an e-book next week that he says will give the inside story of the $15 billion Big Dig, whose tunnels, he declares, “are not safe.’’

Christy Mihos —Matthew J. Lee/Globe Staff

The promotional website for “Rotten to the Core’’ also includes a street-level photo of the crushed car that was carrying Milena Del Valle when the Boston woman was killed in 2006 by a falling Big Dig tunnel ceiling panel.

“The tunnels of the Big Dig are not safe, but no one wants to speak up and do what is right for the taxpayers who footed the bill for this folly. That is the real truth, and what comes in the future will be more tragic than anyone could ever have imagined,’’ Mihos said in a promotional statement.


While blasting former Governor Jane Swift, a fellow Republican who removed him from the turnpike authority only to be reversed by the Supreme Judicial Court, Mihos also attacks her successor, Mitt Romney, now the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

He will accept the nomination next Thursday, a day after Mihos releases his book.

Mihos abandoned the GOP in 2006 to run for unsuccessfully for governor. In 2010, state Republicans blocked him from returning to the party’s 2010 gubernatorial primary ballot.

“When Mihos and his team helped Mitt Romney come back to Massachusetts and run for governor in 2002, although successful in winning the Corner Office, he, too, looked the other way and went for the largesse of what Big Government provides its insiders,’’ the promotional statement says. “Many Democrats are interested in ‘Rotten to the Core’ because it exposes Mitt Romney as an intentionally indifferent leader – ignoring one red flag after another, and not taking control of the project until it was too late.’’

The book will also touch on Mihos’s personal life, which includes his current divorce case in which his wife has accused him of assaulting her and blowing his convenience store fortune on sex with prostitutes and pornography stars.

“Through all of this hardship, Christy still has faith that things can and will turn around for him,’’ the statement says.


Mihos himself says: “I wrote this book for all hard-working taxpayers who want to put state and country on the right path once again.’’

Promoters initially promised to provide advance copies of the book for reporters to review before telling the Globe that they had changed their mind.

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