Brown gets GOP ‘Choice PAC’ endorsement one week after ‘Citizens For Life’ nod

US Senator Scott Brown, who last week received the backing of Massachusetts’ major anti-abortion group, was endorsed Thursday by a group on the other side of the abortion debate.

The Republican Majority for Choice PAC announced it was endorsing the Republican senator, who says he supports legalized abortion.

“We commend Senator Brown for bravely calling on the Republican Party to promote a big tent platform that welcomes the pro-choice point of view,’’ said Susan Bevan, co-chair of the group. “From standing up for fiscally responsible Planned Parenthood funding to protecting the Title X family planning program, Senator Brown has been a strong advocate for the pro-choice perspective in Washington.’’


Massachusetts Citizens for Life, which announced its support for Brown last week, said it recognized his stated support for abortion rights but believes he is “a senator who votes pro-life.’’

Elizabeth Warren, Brown’s Democratic challenger, has tried to tie Brown to the national Republican Party’s strict anti-abortion platform, which Brown has publicly opposed. The Planned Parenthood Action Fund and several other groups favoring abortion rights have endorsed Warren.

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