Wahlburgers recipe contest finalists

The six recipes chosen for the final tasting round at Wahlburgers, and their creators

Hamburger, pepper jack, roasted poblano pepper, chipotle aïoli with cilantro and lime on a brioche bun – Cindy Homer

“The NKOTBurger’’ – Two patties, grilled red onion, smoked green chilies, lettuce, blue cheese, applewood bacon, French dressing (representing the colors of the five ribbons on the New Kids on the Block microphones) – Kristal Martin

“Dunk ‘n’ Bacon Jimmies Burger’’ – Burger dipped in cheddar/American cheese sauce, bacon ‘jimmies’ (aka: bacon bits), lettuce and tomato optional, Wahl sauce, potato bun – Gary Goldblatt

“The Italian Burger’’ – Hamburger, provolone, onion, tomato, pesto spread, pepperoncini peppers – Jim Adduci

Chicken breast, fried onion sticks, caramelized onion, shredded lettuce, and “Jenn Sauce’’: mayo with garlic and honey – Jenn Tracy

“Southern South Shore Burger’’ – Hamburger, Cajun spice, blue cheese coleslaw, pepper jack, BBQ mayo — Melissa Caine


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