Newton’s Kenn Viselman still has love for ‘Oogieloves’

As you may have read (see box office story below), “The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure’’ did not do well at the box office this weekend. In fact, it was a bomb, earning just over $600,000 over the holiday weekend, even though it reportedly cost more than $20 million, plus $40 million in marketing. Still, Newton native Kenn Viselman (inset) — who’s responsible for the “Oogieloves’’ and screened the movie in Chestnut Hill for his family and mom bloggers last month — is hopeful that the film will catch on. Viselman, who’s also the guy behind “Teletubbies,’’ told the website TheWrap on Monday, speaking of the bad press, “We’ve now got the notoriety we were trying to get for weeks before the film opened.’’ He added that the film “wasn’t made to win the Academy Award — it was made to get parents to get up and dance with their kids. I know from talking with parents who did take their kids to see it, that they loved it.’’


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