Do you look like Danny McBride? Or Eva Mendes?

Sande Alessi of Casting in Boston posted a note on its Facebook page this week publicizing its need for stand-ins for all of the leads in the new, local Larry David movie, which films on the North Shore this month. If you look like David (meaning you’re 40 to 60, 6-foot-2ish, and bald), Danny McBride (meaning you’re 30 to 45, about 6 feet tall, about 220 pounds with dark, curly hair; inset, Jon Hamm (meaning you look like Don Draper), Michael Keaton (meaning you’re 30 to 50 and about 5-foot-9), Philip Baker Hall (meaning you’re 60 to 70 and very gray), Liev Schreiber (meaning you’re 25 to 35, 6-foot-3ish with brown hair), or Eva Mendes (meaning you’re basically perfect), e-mail [email protected] with the actor’s name in the subject line. There are other casting opportunity’s on the Sande Alessi page. Just read the details to make sure you really qualify.



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