Scott Brown launches new website blasting Warren as an angry “fake Indian.’’

On the eve of Elizabeth Warren’s speech to the Democratic National Convention, Senator Scott Brown campaign launched a new website that depicts his Democratic foe as a ranting, hypocritical “fake Indian’’ who is addicted to taxes and spending.

The website is a grab bag of virtually every attack Brown has launched on Warren in their race for the Senate. The site asserts the “real Elizabeth Warren’’ is “not who she says she is’’ and exhorts voters to “stop her!’’

The site is part of an effort by Brown, a Republican, to throw dirt on the spotlight Warren is bound to attract as she prepares to deliver a major address to the Democratic convention in Charlotte on Wednesday night.


It comes on the same day Brown sent out a press release criticizing “all the mudslinging Elizabeth Warren and her allies have been doing.’’

Warren’s campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Brown’s new website.

The site includes seven sections, each one a knock against Warren.

One section, dubbed “the rant,’’ includes a link to Warren’s much-discussed speech about the role of government in building businesses, which the website calls “the anti-capitalist tirade heard ‘round the world.’’

In another section, “fake Indian,’’ the site includes snippets of news stories about Warren’s claims to Cherokee and Delaware heritage.

The site also blasts Warren for saying she “created much of the intellectual foundation’’ for the Occupy movement, which the Brown camp says is now “known chiefly for the millions of dollars it has cost taxpayers and the crime that ran rampant in its encampments.’’

The largest feature on the site is a blurry photo of Warren, a Wall Street critic and Harvard Law professor, with her first clenched and arm raised, looking like a leftist revolutionary taking to the streets.

Though Brown has leaned heavily on his affable, everyman image, his campaign has not been shy about skewering Warren.


ProgressMass, a liberal group, analyzed 132 press releases on Brown’s campaign website, and found 30 percent of the releases focused primarly on attacks against Warren, while just 11 percent focused primarily on Brown’s own policies.


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