Waltham city councilor, a Democrat, to endorse US Senator Scott Brown, a Republican

Joseph M. Giordano Jr., a city councilor who represents Waltham’s Ward Seven, may not be a household name, but US Senator Scott Brown is proud to have his endorsement for one simple reason: Giordano is a Democrat.

Brown, a Republican who is battling for reelection against Democrat Elizabeth Warren, has been trotting out a string of Democrats who support him, in an effort to showcase his bipartisan credentials.

Some of those Democrats, such as former mayors Raymond L. Flynn of Boston and Connie Lukes of Worcester, have appeared in Brown’s ads.

This afternoon, Brown is scheduled to pick up Giordano’s backing at an event at Shoppers Cafe in Waltham.


This morning, Brown is set to tour Excel Academy in East Boston with Robert E. Travaglini, a Democrat who served as Senate president when Brown was a state senator. Travaglini, however, does not plan to make a formal endorsement.

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