Police seek to identify Malden Stop & Shop robbers

Authorities are looking to identify two individuals who used a gun to rob a Malden Stop & Shop last week.

Shortly after the grocery store opened Sept 3., two men came into the store from Charles Street wearing yellow Stop & Shop shirts and baseball caps. As one of the men created a diversion, the other went into the manager’s office, pointed a handgun at an employee and demanded money after threatening to severely harm the employee, the FBI said in a statement.

The employee complied, and the man placed the money in his backpack before fleeing with his accomplice in a small gray vehicle on Canal Street, the FBI said.

The men were described as approximately 20 to 25 years old with slender builds and black hair.

Authorities urged anyone with information regarding the robbery to contact the Boston FBI at 617-742-5533 or the Malden police at 781-397-7181.


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