IDC: Mobile ad revenues to jump to $14.2b in 2014

Worldwide mobile ad revenues will jump from nearly $8 billion this year to $14.2 billion in 2014, according to Karsten Weide, a vice president with IDC, a global market intelligence and advisory services firm headquartered in Framingham.

Data from eMarketer notes that only 1 percent of marketing dollars was devoted to mobile even though US adults spend an average of 10 percent of their time on mobile devices per day. So money spent on mobile marketing is likely to rise.

Mobile devices such as smartphones are becoming increasingly important to consumers, according to a new survey by IDG Global Solutions.

Like IDC, IDG Global Solutions is a unit of Boston-based International Data Group. IDG Global Solutions is the company’s marketing services division.


The survey polled more than 21,000 visitors to various IDG media sites and represents the input of information-technology and business users as well as consumers.

Many survey respondents said they were likely to access technology information after business hours.

“Before mobility, we were tied to an office,’’ IDG Global Solutions president Matthew Yorke said in a statement. “Now, with handhelds, work is a verb and not a place.’’

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