Boston Light & Sound picks up Telluride honor

Ben Affleck wasn’t the only local hero at this year’s Telluride Film Festival. Boston Light & Sound and its cofounder C. Chapin Cutler Jr. — who’s worked with Telluride and Sundance and made news by screening Abel Gance’s epic “Napoleon’’ in Oakland earlier this year — picked up Telluride’s Special Silver Medallion, which is presented to those who’ve made a significant contribution to cinema. Telluride sent out a press release about the honor that quotes one of Chapin’s A-list admirers, Francis Ford Coppola. “Over the years, Chapin Cutler has proved equal to the task of mounting some of the most original, challenging, and difficult cinema experiences that I’ve seen yet,’’ Coppola said. “He deserves this recognition for his work on the Abel Gance three-screen tour of ‘Napoleon’ alone, but his work went far beyond that.’’ A note about Boston Light & Sound: The company is also responsible for making sure you hear things clearly at Fenway Park.

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