Senator Scott Brown unconcerned about polls showing him trailing Democrat Elizabeth Warren

WASHINGTON — With recent polls showing the tide turning against him, Senator Scott Brown suggested Wednesday that he was unconcerned and would “keep doing what I’ve always done.’’ And his campaign said the Massachusetts Republican would continue standing with Mitt Romney, despite comments by the GOP’s presidential nominee that suggest nearly half the country’s population consider themselves as “victims.’’

Three polls show Brown trailing Warren, the latest a WBUR poll that showed 45 percent of likely voters backing Warren compared to 40 percent for Brown, an edge just beyond the margin of error of 4.4 percentage points.

 Two other polls show Warren in the lead, however minuscule her margins. A Suffolk Poll showed her leading 48 percent to 44 percent, while a Western New England University poll showed her in front by six percentage points, 50-44.


“You see a bunch of different polls. Some have me up, some have her down,’’ said the Bay State Republican in a tight race against Democrat Elizabeth Warren. He said he would “wait until November 6 at 8:01 p.m.’’

The polls suggest Warren benefited from being given a primetime slot at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, where she further raised her profile as a consumer advocate.

All of the polls were taken before the release of a video showing GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney saying that 47 percent of the population — those supporting President Obama — considered themselves victims and felt entitled to government aid. Romney has taken heat for those comments, including from some members of his own party.

Brown has tried to distance himself from Romney’s comments, and did so again while talking to reporters at the US Capitol.

“We’re different people obviously. People recognize that. They know me; they know him. They’ve made their positions known on who they support, who they don’t support. It doesn’t have much bearing at all,’’ Brown said.

“I know she’d like to run against Mitt Romney, but she’s running against me.’’

In a tweet sent out this afternoon by spokeswoman Alleigh Marre, the Brown campaign said the senator “was one of the 1st to support Romney for Pres and will continue to do so because he is the best person to put America back to work.’’

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