Former Danvers resident struck by car, seriously injured in South Carolina

The family of a former Danvers resident, who was seriously injured by a car outside of the South Carolina hospital where she works as a nurse, is urging anyone who knows about the accident to come forward, according to the Columbia, S.C. Police Department.

Lindsay Bires, 24, a cardiac nurse at Palmetto Health Heart Hospital who studied nursing at the University of South Carolina, was standing outside while on a break at 2:24 a.m. on Sept. 16, when a car swerved off the road and onto the curb and struck her, according to Jennifer Timmons, a spokeswoman for the Columbia, S.C. Police Department.


“A small white car was seen by at least two witnesses near [Bires],’’ said Timmons. Witnesses said that the car “left the road at least two times before hitting Lindsay.’’

Authorities have no clear pictures of the car, despite checking surveillance cameras in the area, according to Timmons. “[We’re asking] the public for any information; the car may have some driver’s side damage.’’

Bires’ family, the Columbia Police Department, and local crime stoppers together are offering a $5,000 reward for information.

“This accident should not have happened,’’ said Timmons. “Here’s a girl who’s hired to save lives and now she’s fighting for her life,’’ she said, adding that the driver involved in the accident made a “bad choice’’ and should “do the right thing’’ by coming forward to police.

“Lindsay deserves that and so does her family,’’ she said.

Although Timmons was not updated to Bires’ condition as of Sunday afternoon, she said that “over the past couple of days she has been critical but stable. She’s making progress.’’

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