New Warren ad hits Brown on taxes

Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren released a new television ad on Tuesday that features blue-collar voters criticizing Senator Scott Brown’s record on taxes, part of an effort by Warren to portray her Republican opponent as hostile to the interests of struggling workers.

The 30-second ad, titled “Clear Choice,’’ amplifies the same attacks that Warren repeatedly leveled on Brown’s voting record during their first debate last week.

In the ad, an announcer says, “Scott Brown voted to block tax cuts for 98 percent of Massachusetts families, unless there were more tax breaks for millionaires. That’s a $2 trillion tax hike.’’


“It’s not the millionaires who need tax cuts; it’s the folks around here,’’ a man says in the ad.

“Scott Brown is definitely not for working America,’’ a woman says.

The ad seizes on a July 25 vote that Brown took against a bill that would have extended the Bush tax cuts for the middle class but allowed them to expire for individuals earning more than $200,000 and couples earning more than $250,000 – roughly the top 2 percent of taxpayers.

The bill, sponsored by Senate majority leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, passed the Senate on a largely party-line vote of 51-48. Republicans offered their own bill to extend the tax cuts for all earners and accused Democrats of proposing an election-year gimmick that had no chance of becoming law.

Brown has said he wants to extent the Bush tax cuts for all income levels and that allowing them expire for upper-income earners could hurt small business, resulting in fewer jobs.

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