Lucky dog is recovering after being hit by car and driven 11 miles while wedged in the front bumper

–William Muggle/East Providence Animal Control Center

A poodle mix that was hit by a car and driven 11 miles while wedged in the front bumper has become quite a celebrity at the East Providence, R.I., Animal Control Center.

(William Muggle/East Providence Animal Control Center)

“We’re trying to avoid the cliché name, Lucky,’’ said William Muggle, animal control supervisor.

A man was driving 50 miles per hour on Route 44 near the Segregansett Country Club in Taunton on Sept. 20 when he saw the dog run into the street, Muggle said.

“He slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting the dog,’’ Muggle said. “He thought he had.’’

The man continued driving and 11 miles later, another driver flagged him down to let him know that there was an animal wedged in the front bumper of his Toyota Camry, he said.


“It was harrowing for that pup, I’m sure,’’ Muggle said.

The man immediately drove to the police station, which was around the corner. East Providence police notified animal control.

Muggle arrived at the scene and attempted to pull the dog from the opening in the lower part of the bumper.

“Her front paws were hooked into the bumper, gripping on for dear life,’’ he said.

The dog was taken to East Bay Animal Hospital in Seekonk, where she was initially stabilized, Muggle said.

She had a concussion and lost a tooth, but had no broken bones, he said. Doctors originally thought the dog might have had a ruptured bladder.

She was taken to Bay State Veterinary Emergency Services in Swansea and kept overnight, he said.

“She wound up being fine, really,’’ Muggle said. “Couple of days of pain meds and antibiotics, but that was pretty much it.’’

Doctors believe the dog is a 6- or 7-year-old bichon frise-poodle mix, he said.

Muggle said animal control officers are hoping to reunite the dog with her owners, but have not been able to do so yet.

Taunton police have not received any missing dog reports, he said.

Although he calls her “Puppy,’’ Muggle has refrained from naming the dog because he is hopeful that her owners will show up.


The general policy is to wait six days after a dog is brought in to animal control before putting the animal up for adoption, Muggle said.

But he has decided to hold out a little longer for Puppy’s owners.

“She’s a lucky dog, super friendly,’’ he said. “She just wants to sit on your lap all the time and jumps up to give you kisses and lick your face.’’

Muggle said people have come by the shelter to drop off gifts for the special dog.

“She’s a little celebrity,’’ he said.

If the dog’s owners cannot be located, Muggle said there will be a line of people waiting to adopt the dog, given her unique tale.

“I think she’s going to do just fine,’’ he said.

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