Owner of dog that went for wild ride in car fender says he’s taking steps so she won’t escape again

Suzie got stuck in an opening below the license plate.
Suzie got stuck in an opening below the license plate. –William Muggle/ East Providence Animal Control Center

Suzie, the poodle mix that was hit by a car and driven for 11 miles wedged in the front of the vehicle, is happy to be home. But her owners are taking steps to ensure a similar incident doesn’t happen again.

Suzie was injured but is now “back to her usual self,’’ owner says. (East Providence Animal Control Center) —AP

“She was gone and I couldn’t find her anywhere,’’ said Suzie’s owner, Peter, who did not want his last name published. “They do move fast.’’

Peter had let the 6-year-old poodle mix out in the backyard of his Dighton home on Sept. 20. He said he got distracted a bit and when he went to let Suzie back in, she was nowhere to be found.


“She dug a hole up under the fence,’’ he said in a telephone interview. “She digs from time to time. She’s dug out once before and got out.’’

He contacted animal control services in Dighton and Rehoboth the next day but heard nothing until a friend of his saw Suzie on the 11 o’clock news, Peter said.

He went to the East Providence Animal Control Center to pick Suzie up and said she was very excited to see him.

“She’s happy to see anybody,’’ he said. “Give a treat and she’s happy.’’

Peter said his three children were thrilled to have their beloved dog back safe and sound and that he has given them some responsibility to make sure Suzie doesn’t get into any more trouble.

“My kids are going to walk her,’’ he said.

He also plans to set up a dog run using a long leash and clothesline so that Suzie can dig all she wants without escaping the yard.

Peter said Suzie has become a worldwide celebrity, but that he didn’t want to exaggerate the ordeal.

“I really tried not to make it more than the dog got out, she was saved, let’s move on,’’ he said.


He asked that Suzie’s fans donate to the East Providence Animal Control Center to help defray the cost of her vet bills.

The small poodle suffered a concussion, a bladder injury, and lost a tooth, but Peter said she is back to her usual self.

“She just runs around like crazy,’’ he said.

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