Elizabeth Warren releases two TV ads responding to Scott Brown’s criticism of her legal work

Democrat Elizabeth Warren is releasing two new television commercials today aimed at blunting Senator Scott Brown’s criticism of her legal work in an asbestos case.

One is called “Devastating’’ and the other “Ashamed,’’ and both take aim at Brown for attacking Warren on the stump and in a TV ad for representing Travelers Insurance despite campaigning on her reputation as a consumer advocate.

The Harvard Law School professor was paid $212,000 from 2008 through 2010 to help the company in a Supreme Court case in which it wanted to secure immunity from lawsuits in exchange for releasing a $500 million trust to pay asbestos victims. In that case, most asbestos victims were on Travelers’ side.


But in a separate case, in which Warren was not involved, the company won an order that allowed it to retain its immunity without paying out the settlement.

Brown’s campaign argues she should have foreseen that result.

In “Ashamed,’’ Ginny Jackson, the widow of a former Quincy shipyard worker who died of mesothelioma after being exposed to asbestos on the job, says, “Elizabeth Warren went all the way to the Supreme Court to try to get more money for asbestos victims and families. … Scott Brown is not telling the truth. He’s trying to use our suffering to help himself. He outta be ashamed.’’

In “Devastating, two other men also talk about Warren fighting for their father, a victim of asbestos-related mesothelioma.

That commercial, too, ends with Jackson saying Brown should be ashamed.

The 30-second commercials are part of a wave of pushback from Warren as the Republican incumbent attacks her outside legal work.

On Friday, asbestos union workers stood outside a Brown press conference and said they were irate over his latest television advertisement attacking Warren.

The event was coordinated by Democrats, who are backed strongly by the unions.

The new Brown ad quotes Warren saying, “I’ve been out there working for people who have been injured by big corporations.’’


A narrator then says: “Warren helped Travelers Insurance restrict payments to victims of asbestos poisoning. The results were disastrous for victims. The insurance company saved millions, and Elizabeth Warren got paid forty times what they paid victims. Elizabeth Warren is just not who she says she is.’’

The workers accused Brown of misrepresenting the facts.

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