In new ad, Brown hits Warren on tax plan

US Senator Scott Brown released a new television ad today saying that the tax plans of Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren could lead to the loss of more than 700,000 jobs nationwide.

In the video, called “Taxes,’’ the Brown campaign cites a July study saying that under Warren’s tax plan — which it said would raise taxes on small businesses — 17,000 of those 700,000 jobs lost will be Massachusetts workers.

The narrator ends the 30-second spot by stating that Brown would keep taxes low and “protect small businesses and help them grow so we can have more jobs for everyone.’’

Warren’s campaign attacked the premise of the ad.


“Scott Brown’s false attacks on President Obama and Elizabeth Warren are another attempt by a desperate candidate to distract from his own record,’’ said Julie Edwards, a spokeswoman for the Warren campaign.

The Warren campaign said the study cited in the ad had been “debunked’’ and that it never looked at Warren’s economic plans.

Also today, Warren released two TV ads responding to Brown’s criticism of her legal work.

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