US Senator Scott Brown, despite promise, will not release law client list, top aide says

Senator Scott Brown will not release a full list of clients from his former legal career, his campaign manager said today, despite his promise to do so by last Thursday.

Jim Barnett, Brown’s campaign manager, said the Republican incumbent would not release a full list of clients unless Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic candidate, did so first.

Both candidates have only released partial lists.

“It’s not going to be a one-way street anymore,’’ Barnett said.

However, during a press conference last Wednesday afternoon, Brown said he would release a complete list by that evening or last Thursday morning at the latest.


“It’s 25 years,’’ Brown said at the time. “I’ve got to go through each file in the list.’’

Today, Barnett argued that Brown has been more transparent than Warren on other matters.

He said that Warren had released two fewer years of tax returns than Brown — despite media requests — and that she had not released personnel files from her Harvard Law School career, while Brown has released records from his National Guard service.

Brown had made an issue of Warren’s legal cases, demanding over the last two weeks that she release more information on her legal practice.

Warren last week released all of her legal work since 2008 when she went to Washington to lead a congressional panel and then serve in the Obama administration.

But for clients prior to 2008, she was selective and only released cases already available from other publicly searchable databases, when she represented a client in court. Her disclosures did address clients she may have worked for as a consultant or in other ways.

Brown said during last week’s debate that he had already released his list of clients. He has disclosed some clients during a press conference in which he also described the nature of his work, but not a full list of clients. Last Tuesday evening, he released a partial list of clients.


The campaign promised that it was working on a full list of corporate clients, but insisted that a preliminary list of two title insurance companies, three banks, and two mortgage companies represented “the overwhelming majority of the work he did’’ while serving as a title agent and real estate closing attorney in Wrentham for about 25 years.

His non-corporate work related primarily to wills and trusts, the campaign said.

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