In new ad, Elizabeth Warren slams Scott Brown’s votes on women’s issues, Brown says Warren trying to scare women

Building on an attack line from the last US Senate debate, Democrat Elizabeth Warren on Friday released a new TV ad slamming GOP incumbent Scott Brown’s voting record on three high-profile issues that affect women.

Brown, in response, did not dispute the specific votes Warren cited, but called the ad “inappropriate’’ and accused Warren of trying to scare women.

The Warren ad uses interviews with unnamed women and an off-screen announcer to criticize Brown on equal pay for women, abortion rights and insurance coverage for birth control.

Though the names of the specific bills are not mentioned, the ad refers to three of Scott Brown’s votes:


* Brown twice opposed the Paycheck Fairness Act, which he has called an overreach and a burden on businesses.

* Brown opposed the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, of Massachusetts, saying at the time that Kagan lacked experience. Warren’s ad says Brown “had once chance to confirm a Supreme Court justice to uphold Roe v. Wade,’’ but voted no.

* Brown supported an amendment named for Missouri Republican Senator Roy Blunt, which would have enabled employers to deny their employees contraceptive coverage in health care on religious or moral grounds. Brown has defended the vote as a matter of religious freedom.

“Scott Brown says he’s for women, but he is not,’’ one women states in the ad.

At a press event this morning, Brown said Warren “needs to stop scaring women.’’

“It’s funny, when you don’t agree 100 percent with Professor Warren on women’s issues, she basically attacks you,’’ he said. “She actually attacked Vice President Biden and said he was also anti-women.’’

Warren sharply criticized Biden, along with other prominent Democrats, in her 2003 book “The Two Income Trap.’’ She wrote that Biden sold out women by pushing a bankruptcy bill supported by the credit card and banking industries. Warren opposed the bill and said it would hurt single mothers and the poor.


At the Brown event today, his wife, Gail Huff, told reporters she is “personally offended’’ by attacks on Brown over women’s issues. “Scott is a pro-choice Republican from Massachusetts…And all the advertising, all the sound bites in the world are not going to take that away,’’ said Huff.

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