Mitt Romney donors gathering in New York next week with series of luminaries

WASHINGTON – Donald Trump will greet them for an opening gala. Comedian Dennis Miller will be the special guest for a debate watching party. In between, Mitt Romney campaign staffers will be on hand to brief them on campaign strategy.

Romney’s top donors are descending on New York early next week for a “Romney Victory Fall Retreat,’’ where they will be treated to the special access that their deep pockets have earned.

The three-day retreat at the Waldorf Astoria hotel is centered around the debate on Tuesday night, when Romney will face off against President Obama at nearby Hofstra University.


It is designed to be a smaller version of a similar retreat that took place earlier this year in Park City, Utah, where a wide range of speakers in the Republican political world came shortly after Romney secured the nomination.

CNN first reported the event three weeks ago. The Globe obtained a more detailed copy of the agenda, which highlights the bold-faced names who will be appearing.

The event starts on Monday night, with an event at the Intrepid Museum, where special guests include vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan; former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani; Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus; Trump; and Spencer Zwick, who is Romney’s national finance chairman.

After a buffet breakfast on Tuesday morning, the donors will be treated to three different sessions. The first, on Romney’s campaign strategy, will feature top advisers Rich Beeson, Ed Gillespie, Beth Myers, and Neil Newhouse. Other advisers will likely be with Romney, in the final hours before the second debate.

The second session – on “Issues Facing America – Jobs’’ – includes Charles Schwab, the former chief executive of the investment firm Charles Schwab Corporation; Jimmy John Liautaud, chairman of the Jimmy John’s sandwich franchise; Scott McNealy, co-founder of the technology company Sun Microsystems; Harold Hamm, the chairman of oil company Continental Resources; and Carlos Gutierrez, the former US Secretary of Commerce.


The final session, on how donors can “Make The Difference,’’ is being headed up by Zwick.

In the evening, the donors will gather at the Roseland Ballroom, a venue in the theater district that has hosted all types of events, including a birthday party for Hillary Clinton, movie premieres, and concerts by entertainers like the Rolling Stones and Madonna.

The special guest for the debate watch party is Miller, the stand-up comedian and talk show host. Miller initially endorsed Herman Cain during the Republican primary, but later rescinded the endorsement saying, “He can’t win!’’

“Well, listen, I don’t know where I’m quite going yet,’’ he told Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly last year. “I might stop at Newtville, I might go to planet Ron Paul. I have a feeling, like everybody else, I might end up at Romney Acres eventually.’’

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