Boston to offer 15 more spaces for scooters, motorcycles in financial district

The city of Boston says it’s going to create more parking for scooters and motorcycles in the city’s financial district.

The city’s Transportation Department said today that 15 new slots will be installed for the two-wheeled vehicles. Those parking slots will replace three car parking spaces as well as another area of curb space.

The spaces will be located on Batterymarch, Milk, High, and Pearl streets. The department said in a statement that the new slots will be patterned after 39 slots installed on Newbury and Boylston streets in the Back Bay in 2010.

The city says it’s “recognizing the benefits of driving scooters and motorcycles in an urban setting.’’


The vehicles are smaller and many are environmentally friendly so they contribute less to traffic and air pollution. They also require less space for parking.

“As a result, they may be a good transportation alternative,’’ the department said.

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