Deval Patrick says Mitt Romney’s lack of support in Mass. should be telling to voters nationally

Governor Deval Patrick said today that voters in the presidential race should take note of polls showing Republican nominee Mitt Romney trailing far behind President Obama in Massachusetts, the state where he both lives and once served as governor, because it should tell them something.

“He’s a resident of Massachusetts. He will vote in Massachusetts. He governed in Massachusetts. We elected him – and he is trailing 20 to 25 points. What does that tell you?’’ Patrick said during his monthly appearance on WTKK-FM.

“It tells you that we know him, and, ‘No, thank-you.’ We’ve seen this movie before, and we’re not going to do it again.’’


Patrick said Romney’s lone accomplishment while he led Massachusetts – “his only experience as a public executive’’ – was passing a universal health care law that served as the model for a federal law enacted by Obama, yet the former governor now wants to repeal it.

“I think we know a leader with a core when we see it, and we see that in Barack Obama, and I think we know a leader without a core when we see it, and I think we’ve seen that in Governor Romney,’’ said Patrick.

The governor, a friend, fellow Chicagoan, and surrogate campaigner for Obama, defended himself against charges he, too, is being hypocritical for having previously criticized Romney for his out-of-state travel while leading Massachusetts, even as he now campaigns himself for the president.’’

“It was 275 days out of 365 in his last year in office,’’Patrick said of Romney. “I have missed one workday, one weekday. I’ve spent time on the campaign on weekends, when I can.’’

That said, Patrick said he expects to travel for Obama one or two workdays next week “because we’re at the stretch, and by the way, you’re governor all the time.’’

An aide said the specific dates and locales have not been set, only that the Obama campaign asked the governor to be available toward the end of the week.

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