James Taylor plays concert for Warren

A full house delivered a standing ovation with whistles and cheers as Elizabeth Warren entered the Citi Emerson Colonial Theatre Wednesday night to watch a special performance by Rock and Roll Hall of Famer James Taylor in support of her campaign.

“Some of you may have heard, I respect backbone,’’ said Governor Deval Patrick, welcoming supporters and pumping up the crowd. “Elizabeth Warren has got one and that’s what we need.’’

Soon after Patrick introduced Taylor to a buzzing theater, the musician entered stage right with his acoustic in hand. With him was Owen Young, a cellist with the Boston Symphony as well as Larry Goldings, on accordion and piano.


“I’m so grateful to all of you for showing up here tonight and showing support for this candidacy,’’ said Taylor, getting comfortable on a stool in the center of the stage. “This is a crucial time. This is a very important race.’’

Taylor played crowd favorites such as “Fire and Rain’’ and “You’ve Got a Friend,’’ as well as covers of George Harrison’s “Here Comes the Sun’’ and — as he described it — some “folk Bach.’’

Supporters clapped and sang along with the well-known songs as Taylor and the band played through the set list. As Taylor reached the end of his gig, Warren took the stage and spoke about the final 13 days of the campaign.

“When James Taylor sings, he sings from the heart,’’ said Warren, a Democrat. “And what I like to think is this is a campaign that’s a campaign from the heart.’’

Joy Turpie, 68, of Hull, who purchased a ticket to the sold-out event, said she was thrilled Taylor was there to support Warren.

“The big thing for me is women’s issues,’’ Turpie said.

Eugene Foley, 56, who said he was a long time friend of Warren’s and had worked with her for 15 years at Harvard University, was enthusiastic about the concert and the candidate.


“She’s a policy person,’’ said Foley. “She’s got the middle class deep in her heart.’’

After discussing the topic of student debt, Warren wrapped up her speech by referencing a well-known song Taylor performed, adding her own twist abour her hoped-for role in the Senate.

“From Stockbridge to Boston, we’ll have a friend.’’

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