Driver allegedly sped up to 93 miles per hour on Route 128 during Hurricane Sandy

State Police arrested a 22-year-old man who allegedly drove 93 miles per hour down Route 128 during Sandy’s strongest winds Tuesday.

State Police Sergeant Eric Bernstein was driving south on the highway in Manchester at 5 miles below the posted speed limit of 55 miles per hour because of the dangerous weather, State Police said in an official tweet.

Bernstein saw a gray Hyundai sedan speed past his cruiser at 75 miles per hour, State Police said.

Bernstein tried to pull the car over, but the driver took off, reaching a top speed of 93 miles per hour, State Police said.

The sergeant called off the pursuit because of the poor weather conditions and because of a serious crash in Danvers that was blocking Route 128 at Route 114, State Police said.


The driver of the Hyundai suddenly pulled over in the breakdown lane 4 miles later, State Police said.

Joshua Silva, 22, of Gloucester, said he was driving to a friend’s house in Salem, State Police said.

Silva was arrested and charged with failure to stop for police, negligent operation of a vehicle, and speeding, State Police said.

State Police, saying he was a public safety threat, sought immediate suspension of his license by the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Silva is to be arraigned in Salem District Court, State Police said.

State Police said Silva was released on his own personal recognizance, but were unsure whether the court was open today because of Tuesday’s storm.

The court clerk’s office did not immediately return telephone calls.

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