Most banks reopen after Sandy; some will waive fees for customers affected by the storm

Banks across Massachusetts reopened Tuesday after the heavy winds from Hurricane Sandy subsided overnight.

Bank of America, Citizens Bank, TD Bank, Sovereign Bank, Eastern Bank and Rockland Trust all said most or all of their branches were open — except in scattered areas hit especially hard by the storm. Eastern Bank, for instance, said 93 of 94 branches were open, but its Westford location was closed due to a power outage in the area.

Several major banks also promised to waive fees or provide other assistance to people in areas affected by the storm.

Sovereign Bank said it would offer emergency loans and refund overdraft and late payment fees on request for customers affected by the storm. TD Bank also said it would waive or refund certain fees, including ATM and early withdrawal penalties for certificates of deposits, for customers who ask. It also said it would rush delivery of credit cards.

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