Scott Brown says debate not necessary, Warren wants to reschedule

WESTPORT — Senator Scott Brown said today that there was no need for a final debate with Elizabeth Warren, his Democratic opponent, while she said she would be willing to participate in a rescheduled match-up on Thursday night.

Brown did not rule out rescheduling the debate, which had been slated for tonight, but made clear that he had little interest in doing so.

“We’ve already had three debates. I had two radio debates that she didn’t participate in,’’ Brown said in Westport, where he was touring storm damage. He said voters now know where the candidates stand.

“There’s only a few days left and we have a very, very busy schedule,’’ said Brown, who otherwise referred the issue to his campaign staff. The staff has not returned calls today.


The fourth televised debate had been scheduled for this evening, to be sponsored by a consortium of media, including the Globe.

Warren said in a statement from campaign manager Mindy Myers that she would like to particpate on Thursday, the alternate time proposed by the consortium.

“Our focus over the next 48 hours must be on public safety and holding the utilities accountable for restoring power as soon as possible,’’ Myers said. “Elizabeth believes that the final televised debate should occur, and we have contacted the debate organizers and let them know she would be available to participate on Thursday evening.’’

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