Wanted: Home for turtle found riding commuter rail

He probably got there faster than he expected, but a turtle who was riding on a commuter train found himself without an owner when he arrived in Boston Wednesday evening.

The abandoned turtle —MBCR

Now, officials are trying to find a new home for the abandoned reptile, which is living at South Station.

A train conductor discovered the turtle in a carrier on one of the train’s seats while doing a sweep of the Providence/Stoughton train after passengers disembarked at the station around 5:30 p.m., said the Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad, which operates commuter rail for the MBTA.

Originally believing that the turtle had just been forgotten, workers brought the turtle to the South Station lost and found. Nobody ever came.


Workers kept the turtle safe at the station as calls went out to local animal shelters to see if anyone had reported the red-eared slider missing, but they soon learned from a Twitter follower that a rider abandoned the turtle while en route to the airport.

“Now we’re focused on finding the turtle a safe home,’’ MBCR spokeswoman Rhiannon D’Angelo said in a statement. “We’d love to see our good-natured train turtle find a good home in a classroom, aquarium or discovery museum. Though he’s been a great guest during his stay, a train station isn’t a good home for a turtle.’’

The MBCR asks that anyone with information or suggestions on a good home call them at 617-222-8119 or to tweet them @MBCR_Info.

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